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高阶教徒扎古斯|降阻模块"There's no time." Looking at the fainting yuan shang with complicated eyes, yuan shang, on behalf of the interests of the heibei family and powerful family, could not have anything to do. Zhang he sighed and said, "please leave with your three sons, and someone will come to cut off the queen's throne for you!""It was huang zu who had no eyes." Lv lingqi sneered: "since general gan has not been loyal to huang zu, I wonder if he would like to join my father's army? My father is a servant. He doesn't ask where he comes from, but only what he can do."How is zhong kang's injury?" For a long time, cao cao raised his head, turned to look at the side of the more xi.

"Well, let yan, formulate a set of system, and from these slaves, according to their performance, slaves to send out some good performance, and then transferred to bing, if true have conflict, I will take them on the battlefield, personally promised them, and kill a man, work can be avoided, given identity, second-class people killed 10 people can get Chinese identity, if can continue to contributions, and other soldiers, can get a reward and GuanJue." Lu bu indifferent way.Luck!Cen bi, originally under the command of yuan tan, yuan tan died, yuan shang took advantage of the opportunity to receive yuan tan's horses, cen bi also naturally surrendered to yuan shang, this time yuan shang sent troops to rescue cao cao, cen bi is responsible for guarding the barracks.高阶教徒扎古斯|"That's all for today. Free time." Lv bu waved and let a group of female soldiers move freely. He strode out of the camp, only to see jia xu waiting at a distance under the escort of the magnificent sea.

高阶教徒扎古斯|What's more, it is liu guan zhang this kind of one heart wants to do a career to be met with a wall again and again however, the person that half lives, no matter be liu bei or guan zhang at the moment 2 will even liu bei hand a few member wu jiang come to listen to the news that two many months come from the front line, although do not say, but in the heart face is like ant to climb however same.In the brain, can not help but emerge lv bu side, forever a pair of smiling appearance, very humble, but always give a person a kind of bleak feeling man -- jia xu!Xu shu nodded.

If he had remained in charge of the department of justice, these resentments would have rested on his head, and when they had accumulated to a certain extent, his death would not be far off."Today's game, not only the Lord came to watch, and chang 'an six division of the team today's final, not only chang 'an, all around some rich family will come to watch the game. Looking at the front of the crowd, even if it is Yang fu, there is no privilege, with lu xun, gu shao platoon in the crowd, explained to two people., lyu3 bu4 also able to shrug off, now if pang tong openings on the lyu3 bu4 instead to the point, the wise are up to it but not to kill blood, although some overqualified, but when he practices, his different from liu bei, liu bei honour worthy men of letters someone buying it, but if their, military commanders may be ok, but if we say, what to celebrities, will not be ridiculed already is a good thing, so to lyu3 bu4 never ask pang tong loyalty, as long as he steps forward, he believes that one day, the family would bow to his, between living and death, there is not much choice, if lost, pang tong is loyalty, It doesn't matter anymore.高阶教徒扎古斯|




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