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dtlservice exe|银根胶囊"What was the name of the han general?" < / p > < p > liu bao looked at hamu son asked, have seen lv bu chong array, had he not changed his clothes with the soldier, I am afraid not live now, he does not think hamu son if really met lv bu, can live back."Gong da, willing to gamble concede defeat, today I move to your side live how?" Guo jia looked at xun you with a smile."No one was wounded in the hussars' camp, but a few unfortunate soldiers of the xiliang army were brought down by the slaughter, and more than a dozen were wounded." The broad sea muffled.

"I ask you, where is my lady?" A shrew pawn direct the wen pin turn over, fierce spirit evil spirit of ask a way."About two thousand." Tanu's uncertain way, that day he did not face lu bu, but was sent to other aspects of defense, only know this side ma chao and pound's forces, in addition to lu bu's three hundred people, there may be other horses, otherwise daru's thousand warriors will not be so easy to be killed and scattered.Burn when laowang complexion is not very good-looking, han sui in the past to find themselves, at most with a few guards, this time with 500 people, want to do?dtlservice exe|People smell speech, suddenly face black line, this is what shit reason.

dtlservice exe|As to present lv bu, he won't think the home is his all, but this kind of feeling, make a person infatuation really.Under the wenwu or, or toss has no temper of those families, are secretly concerned about the unborn child."Quick, shoot the cows! A lot of the commander of the xiongnu yelling loud, pentium horse has completed the charge, thirty thousand fighters at a draught pressure, even want to stop at the moment, also don't, someone holding the bow and arrow, to shoot these have been crazy fire burning flame of cattle, but cattle at the moment the fire has been burning scorching burning mad and the pain of JianCu, far cannot be compared with the flame burning behind them, make them more crazy.

At the same time, hong nong, gao shun daying."But even if the number of soldiers in the city is small, there are hundreds of soldiers guarding the city, but there are only dozens of women accompanying the girls. How can the city be destroyed?" Pang tong looked at a group of women soldiers, for the former lu lingqi with a group of women soldiers almost will jingxiang general to the capture of life do not believe, this group of delicate women, is to go on an outing outing, he letter, but the march battle can not believe.Successive two JianCu shot on war horse, horse long HSS, fiercely as pulling-power arrow, through more than ten zhangs distance, and then a soft hooves, fall in the snow, the man hurriedly himself, avoid is pressed under the horse, bow and arrow at the same time, a feeling for three arrows, two arrows hit the enemy, the last arrow does not know what flew to the place.dtlservice exe|





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