男子意外获得藏宝图 挖出了天价宝贝|

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男子意外获得藏宝图 挖出了天价宝贝|冰疗祛斑"Be." Xiao qiao some injustice, but also know the character of lv bu, dare not say more."Husband ~" a beautiful woman with a lazy style to liu d * * * d"So what? Today, I, lv meng, have come for a personal grudge. Men, kill me!" Lv meng cold hum 1, commanded, hundreds of ancient warships protected whith cowhide, every five or ten a group, toward to side with Chen to come over.

"Yes." With a sneer, liu looked at pang tong: "don't get close to the general"Wang Yin can't move." Liu bei shook his head, this point he is very sober, if you can break luoyang, lv bu back to guanzhong, this wang Yin, now has become a hot potato, liu bei is never to touch, even if he does have the qualification to seal the king is not good, no strength, and also did not break guanzhong, what sealEspecially the battle of yi que pass, liu bei half property take out, can't break a barrier, the strong bow of the other side also let liu bei realize the gap of both sides truly, although the ballista of kongming is fierce, but the range is too close, and he also can't march to battle every time, let the soldiers head the wooden beast line army."Second brother." At this time, the door came in a man, a dusty man, people dressed, if not between the eyes some awe, at first glance, and ordinary people, see zhuge liang, bow a worship.男子意外获得藏宝图 挖出了天价宝贝|"Well, I remember that. Shu zhi asked if he would take the opportunity to attack chai sang." ZhuGeLiangWen said nodded, his words are also some helpless, if change the timing or the situation, it is a good opportunity for into the river, at least occupied jiangxia and he and the two places, then put in the hands grip the jiangdong portal, such as river water army is severe, but they can completely avoid the weakness of water-forces, by he scored jiangdong road, but now the situation does not allow, unless there is the possibility to clear away the jiangdong to in a short period of time, otherwise, will only make the two sides have completely break the relationship has dropped to freezing point, there is no room for everything.

男子意外获得藏宝图 挖出了天价宝贝|Wave a hand, behind 100 tiger guard soldiers quickly stopped, deputy head forward, doubt looked at the tiger guard head a: "how?""Shu is in control, but watch out for jingzhou, zhuge liang to this person, the vision is extremely strong, now the alliance now that is broken, and will return JingXiang urged liu bei, when the degree of life and yuan, filial piety straight as soon as possible, don't want to give each other chance, as long as shu, the general trend in the world do in master to master, as for JingXiang, separate the chess pieces, it is time to use." Jia xu smiled and looked at lu bu."The last officer will be appointed." Deng xianwen, no longer persuade, anyway this left eighty thousand troops already ready, ready to go.

"Promote JunTian champion hou, treat people very thick, constant cultivator, tax cuts, as of last year, champion Hou Zhi cultivator, tax is a tax, 20 you states the experience such as land, more duties on thirty one and forty one, even if it is quiet state, bing out a place in this life, and people can also have ample food and clothing, have years of famine, can get government benefits, people get affordable, natural is willing to sincerely to support champion hou, and although the tetrarch follow champion hou, but the law is unclear, the tax is not clear, although I don't have a family in the middle exploitation, but the taxes on the people did not have much changes, even more demanding than ever, chengdu tax up to seven or eight, ten tax that such a situation, How can he win the support of the people if he has no god but his form?"His martial arts may not as good as living star, but if of fierce, I'm afraid as good as any, cao cao's side, this kind of person, have a plenty of prisoners, the veteran has derived the rest of my life, no matter what fighting skill, but the rush of fierce crime is very heavy, qi xu chu, yue xi, after all, the top leading is really hard to find, therefore, cao cao settle for second best, looking for a lot of such figures as a pro, skill is not so much chu, the xi as big, but that of not afraid of death, when necessary, these people can not hesitate to take the body to help cao cao to block the arrow."A place where you can shut up forever." Meng da looked around, no one around, the mouth can not help but pull a sneer, eyes with a touch of disdain.男子意外获得藏宝图 挖出了天价宝贝|




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