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股票名词富士康工作服照片"In." Lv bu nodded, looked at hu seng, and glanced around more and more people, shaking his head: "the general does not oppose any religion in the general's rule to spread faith, as long as your truth can be recognized by the majority of people, they are willing to believe, the general will not tube, but...... "Cao cao nodded and said, "what the master of the state said is not without reason.

Think about yourself, pang tong suddenly felt that his experience with lv zheng is very similar, often thought of this, pang tong had a sense of laughter.Chapter 21 the conflict between dragon and phoenixCao cao is a Mukden son to make no minister now, no matter the lyu3 bu4 or to sun quan and liu table these governors, regarded as innate there's sense of honor, and this is his biggest advantage, but once king, though not the emperor, but to a certain extent, and is equivalent to countries, even if cao cao's child's sense of honor, but under the's sense of honor, nor shall the riding a closure of the report.股票名词"What a worry!" Lu bu shook his head and led diao chan away from the small groups of Confucian scholars who were at their most irrational.

股票名词Now from YingChuan to xuzhou, a lot of things from the lyu3 bu4 there, among governors, on receiving lyu3 bu4 there technology development of cao cao is the fastest, but the more so, cao cao worry is heavier, lyu3 bu4 running can't selfless help them, and those of technology, is essentially the somebody else with the rest of that, to put it bluntly, use waste money with you, the real core technology, such as military equipment, lyu3 bu4 see isn't a normal tight, cao cao sent several times to steal each other's core technology connects all have to go back, and although xuchang high-end technical talent was as good as lu bu how much, but after the years of development, Cao cao but heard lyu3 bu4 continuously in wooing foreign skillful craftsman, the wooing of skillful craftsman of the central plains never ceased, and cao cao's side, limited by economic and geographic reasons, can only see, the gap growing, especially in the loss of qualified teachers in low-level technology, makes the cao cao's side a lot of things can't get scale like lu bu, this is cao cao has been concerned about.Chapter 47 disagreement"Subordinates know, of course, but... Zhao bantou distressed took a look at this group of bald gourd, heart full of malice, wry smile way: "this help hu monk insisted on protecting that murderer, even at the cost of stick block, I...... No match."

"Bang bang bang ~""That let them early tomorrow morning, with jiang dong emissary to visit together." Lv bu thought for a while."The general knows me?" Liu ye was somewhat surprised. He was in an awkward position under cao cao and his fame was not great.股票名词




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