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河北酷儿石家庄聚地|快速租赁网Chapter 57 End of the Battle (I)North palace from suddenly looked up, suddenly looked at lyu3 bu4, suddenly roared up to the sky.

MiaoShang and satrap mansion officials didn't even have the opportunity to react, was rushed into the mansion like wolves soldiers caught up, guard Yang Ding self-reliance brave, want to resist, was Zhou Cang a knife chop head.Wei Yan is ambitious, but they also have the brains and abilities to sustain their ambitions, Although compared with Cao Cao, Lyu3 bu4 now can only calculate a small shrimp, "that numb of small generals is small, But it is for this reason that, I just have the opportunity to lead an army, and the lyu3 bu4 put his hands to early follow the tube hai or has been a famous embroidery, and promote himself as an army chief, enough to see lyu3 bu4 know how to use, now a decentralization book, although there is no consolation, is to tell wei yan directly with practical action, I believe you."Sir..." Opened his mouth, but see Li You has left, can not help but look at the outside, for a long time, eyes flashed a ruthless color, toward the door loudly way: "Somebody, go to the county to ask the big families to come to the meeting."河北酷儿石家庄聚地|Zhong yao, with such an expression, pretended to be at a loss and said, "what is it?"

河北酷儿石家庄聚地|"Ma Tie general sores have suppurated, must cut off the flesh near the wound, can heal, in addition, Ma Tie general bumps all the way, caught the wind chill, cause evil into the body, make Ma Tie general injury worse.""To be honest with one another?" Han sui smell speech, sneer at 1, shook his head at marten: "ShouCheng brother, or so naive, now west cool your horse annexed the candidates, has become a dominant situation, plus your father and son in the qiang people's prestige, if I don't first, a few years later, this west cool, but also my Korea hence the way? Spring and autumn no righteous war!""Little general, withdraw your troops first!" Pound immediately before, looked at the direction of the city, wry smile, somebody else is clearly not ready to fight out, make d a brave also useless.

Big Joe squeezed in lyu3 bu4 side, tightly embracing lyu3 bu4 thick arms, elbows from the soft touch, enough to let any male crazy, nose haunted by a faint fragrance and the air from the cheerful air mixed together, constantly stimulating lyu3 bu4 nasal cavity.Is also wei careless, in order to avoid being seen through, the whole camp, only a few torches flashing in the weak light, but let zhong yao see the flaw at a glance."General know, now changan folk rumors I three people and wei yan will morale against, to cast cao thief, general at this time no master military orders, without authorization to mobilize military forces, I'm afraid there will be villains slanderers in the future." Chen Xing carefully said.河北酷儿石家庄聚地|





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