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ebody全系列封面|探索之旅In fact, shu is also elite, but compared with the guanzhong military forces, some not enough to see."Then what are we doing here?" Wei Yan frowned and said, "Would you like us to wait here?""What can be wrong, the hundreds of army has been held by Mr ZhuGeJun in the county, as long as I take chengdu, cut off his hay supply, hundreds of army within ten days will be destroyed." Xie Chengleng snorted: "The emperor uncle has promised, as long as under the shu, will never infringe upon my interests, such as so, why to the lyu3 bu4 when slaves!"

Formosa ke had heard they were crossbow fierce, before also saw the ZhongJun crossbow, hurriedly waved iron thistle bone will be the other side of the crossbow open.Looked at a bunch of scholars here to fight red-faced, a word is quotation, there is no certain literature lyu3 bu4 actually quite boring, but had to make a serious listen to the appearance, lest people say there is no dignified.Ma looks very ugly, has been, he was zhuge liang as a right-hand man, put forward many suggestions, even zhuge liang is very appreciated, now compared to zhao guo, natural resentment, but the defeated, and what can you say?ebody全系列封面|See token, Cheng Fang can not help but a surprised, want to make a sound, but was stopped by the other side with gestures.

ebody全系列封面|Mean, the new city is not the main battlefield of the battle, liu bei in the two counties left force is not much, at the moment under the internal emptiness, by wei yan they easily breached is not surprising, but pound or some uncomfortable, as lyu3 bu4's five elite commander-in-chief, now even the gates can't touch, say out, how much some shame."ZiBu this bad, the lyu3 bu4 is also wolf ambition, how will he promise? Even if promised, this human relationship, how do we want to repay?" Sun quan has not spoken, zhuge jin has frowned out the voice of sun quan."Why did the governor lose so quickly?" Tardif smell speech, can't help but frown at He Qidao.

"Drum bang!" Seeing his method worked, zhang fei can't help but roar excitedly, rumbling war drums, saw rattan shield did block each other's arrow cluster, jingzhou army couldn't help but morale, speed and a few minutes.Danyang, tracing the cause of camp, tracing the cause has been rectified, ready to rushed to the tune, but received tardif, He Qi back to the news of defeat, although prepared for a long time, but also didn't expect two people will be defeated so quickly.ebody全系列封面|




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