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美国僵尸事件|祖灵芝清斑霜"Bang ~" in the moment that two people talk, there lyu3 bu4 already took the hussar to ride to guard in yuan jun to kill an opening, gao LAN layout of the line of defense in lyu3 bu4's tear begin to be close to collapse."No! Lidian complexion big change, fall into trap!Don't doubt lyu3 bu4 determination, in fact, sit down, has already spread in zhang ye, when riots, lyu3 bu4 but direct command cioffi offering up the butcher's knife, ten days, killing nearly fifty thousand slaves, in fact, was involved in the riots is not even a chengdu, but also it is, therefore, makes the slave soldiers while ferocity lyu3 bu4 under the help, but to take the ferociousness in lyu3 bu4 can control the scope of, otherwise, lyu3 bu4 also I can't put this fifty thousand slave soldiers into battle, there is no constraint of slave soldiers, for zhongyuan people, would be a disaster.

"Cao cao, where to go!As xu sheng shouted, only two muffled sounds were heard. Two huge arrows, like long guns, burst out of the air and roared at zhang fei.美国僵尸事件|"Go ahead and finish the boat in three days. Our army will take this opportunity to break into the west river. Gao shun nodded, although with zhang liao, is also a good friend for many years, but the heart, not necessarily without the heart of fighting for the front, there is no first article, no second military, friendship is friendship, but in this time, gao shun is not free from vulgar.

美国僵尸事件|"Cheng yu? < / p > < p > xu ding is who, lv bu no impression, after all, under the command of cao cao, lu bu can remember only a few, but cheng yu lv bu is recognized, sneer: "can't think of cao cao actually sent him over, old tube, slow down a step, see me for your revenge!""Kill!" Lv bu turned his horse's head, raised the halter, and roared loudly. Seeing lv bu shenwei, a group of soldiers and horses under his tent raised their weapons one after another and pursued the defeated army crazily. This battle lasted from morning to dusk."Mr. Gundar, Lord, he is... "Out of cao cao's big account, xiahou dun hesitated to look at xunyou, cao cao's current state, really very worrying.

Someone wants to avenge zhang yan, some want to take a gang of people to yuan shao or cao cao there for a merit and wealth, but these people in losing zhang yan after the deterrence of others, after all, only a few, someone took advantage of the chaos opened the gate to put lv bu into the city.At the same time, outside luoyang city, gao shun got zhaoyun, ganning after two strong general help, the next day early in the morning will prepare the army out of the city, and ma chaohe bing a place, headed for CAI MAO daying challenge."Zhong kang! Xiahou dun and xu huang stopped their horses at the same time and looked at this scene improbably. The first strong general under cao cao's command did not even support himself in the battle with lv bu.美国僵尸事件|




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