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进藤美空|开天雷Zhang ren is pay check number in the camp, and suddenly learned that liu DHS back, also is a happy mind, since liu DHS to leave it in more than a month, zhang ren day difficult, constantly have adverse comments came from chengdu, began as a general, then, these adverse remarks have begun to spread to the army, especially in which many generals also fanning, were it not for zhang ren have enough prestige to suppress lived temporarily, it LangZhong camp not to attack the enemy, yourself, I'm afraid"But an old soldier has such skills." Wei yan complexion is a su, looking at the other side of the horse and soldier to stop, the corners of the mouth pick up a smile: "over there teach me to look at the famous general of shu, after all how!""Well." Guan yu nodded, but when in the heart silently sighed, as a result, the han that bit of majesty is completely not only, and hence liu2 bei4 also will offer the emperor as a puppet, but inside, there is no resistance to guan yu, the world has been so, offer the emperor is not a small baby can run, for liu bei quashed the worldwide in the future, the majesty of nature can restore the big fellow.

Fa zheng turned his head and looked at pang tong with satisfaction. With zhang ren's character, as long as he received the seal, he would follow lu bu wholeheartedly. Not only did he add a general to lu bu, but also the military heart of shu would quickly stabilize with zhang ren's joining."So, no wonder you dare to shake my crossbow array, but I don't know how long the teng shield can support?" Wei Yanwen nodded, but it will make flag waving, continue to maintain the JianCu shooting, began to reach at the same time, three rows troops continue to mobilize the bearing, the front of the striker after arrow shot empty cartridge, quickly retreat, the rear striker followed by continue to shoot, form continuous JianCu suppression, and yan yan also begin to close formation, coming up to."I'm trying to save the general." 'said monda, shaking her head.进藤美空|On this point, guan yu was right, hua tuo in the six months to develop a drug is very strange, after people eat at ordinary times won't have any reaction, but once the emotions to be mobilized, immediately enter the excited state, while in this state, fear, fear, afraid of these emotions will be reduced to a minimum, some similar to doping, but more violent, because often use this kind of things, is a severe damage to human body, with chronic poison have a spell, the han army, lyu3 bu4 is banned the use of these things, but the army is a different conference semifinals, lyu3 bu4 won't tell them what humanity, as long as needed, Even if the sacrifice of one hundred thousand hu people in exchange for a han life, lv bu feel value.

进藤美空|In fact, in this era, capable of doing business on the silk road, I am afraid there is only the family, after all, the bottom is placed there, although lu bu said that fair and just, but the family's financial resources, doomed them in the starting line, it is easier to get rich than ordinary people.A silver gun, ten thousand points of cold light, the place, jiangdong soldiers no match the enemy.Liu zhang swore in the courtyard. With an iron complexion, he followed meng da to a wing and looked at him coldly

Wei yan frowned, the law is right, some too much?"This man is so powerful?" Ma su was surprised.进藤美空|




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