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在车上一次比一次深入|徐州企业名录Xu Ding's death, in fact, no matter for cao cao, or other counsellors, it is not important, but the death of the freeze, but they do make cao cao heartache, as one of cao cao's four main under freeze while at the four main, often plays and the identity of the ignoble, but freeze is poison, but to be faithful to the cao cao is not two, but also really helps cao cao out several times, cao cao, however, also have never thought, the battle of guandu war, all over, but in a taihang mountain, fold himself a seek the Lord!When liu bei came to the camp with guan yu, CAI MAO and others also arrived. When they saw liu bei coming, CAI MAO nodded and said, "duke xuande.""General, this is an eight-hundred-mile rush from the sovereign." A general will give a letter to ma chao.

"Be." Although do not understand, but lu lingqi look at lu bu, also know that they are not good to ask more, to lu bu salute, followed zhaoyun leave."General, this is an eight-hundred-mile rush from the sovereign." A general will give a letter to ma chao.Pound knew that this old martial art was very good, and now he was a war horse, which was not good for him. He immediately got low and fell on the dead horse. When han rong galloped into the door, he suddenly cut off the horse's leg with a knife, but he was also hit on the back by the shot that han rong fell down and almost lost his temper.在车上一次比一次深入|Not far away, lv kuang and lv xiang brothers are organizing the army and horses to rebuild the defense line. When they saw yuan tan being chased by lv bu, they ran for their lives.

在车上一次比一次深入|"Peng ~"This young general was named Chen dao, a man from runan, who was a general that liu bei served as the emperor's uncle and was conquered by yu xuchang."No! < / p > < p > han rong heard a surprised, regardless of more than say, anxious way: "quick, life my pro guard camp rushed to the gate of the rescue, the city chaos first do not need to tube!"

"It is that man, and zhang yan, it is he who killed the general by shooting arrows at him when he was fighting the general." Lu fang pointed to the xu ding and zhang yandao."Hansheng." Liu biao turned his head and gave the seal to huang zhong in liu qi's expectant eyes. "this is the seal of jingzhou's imperial history. Here is a secret road that can lead directly to the city.The former battalion had little practical value, so it was simply used as a base for the ministry of works. After all, this was lu bu's military secret. It was located in chang 'an.在车上一次比一次深入|




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