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搜好服中材科技成都< / p > < p > next found that chang 'an city was running to fill the Confucian scholars, no matter where he went, can see the figure of the Confucian active, but under, lv bu can only take his wife to return to the house.The white horse camp stopped shooting, and at the same time someone blew a horn, and gunning from the riverbank stopped shooting.

"Kill!" Wei yan behind, a bunch of qiang soldiers in succession roar out loud, many people will be on the body of uncomfortable armor to throw away, fierce lunge at a bunch of at a loss what to do in hanzhong sergeant...."Archers down! Charge city car to continue to attack!" Xia houyuan bit gnash one's teeth, the force of war god crossbow is too strong, even if be the baffle that consolidate also is very difficult to resist the second time impact, say anyway, must tear down these damned things!搜好服The target location is getting closer and closer, even if shi a has tried not to daydream, but as the target location is getting closer and closer, some thoughts inevitably emerge in his mind.

搜好服Lu bu annexed southern hebei. Cao cao left a total of 50,000 troops in southern hebei during the war, which nearly wiped out the whole army. When news of zang ba's death came, lu bu was still somewhat shocked.Obviously, although do not know the specific meaning of these codes, but zhang liao side through this way and the parties to maintain contact, grain will be sent in the most critical time, let xia houyuan more passive, want to force zhang liao out more difficult.With these words, he took out a dagger from his bosom and stabbed it into his heart without hesitation.

"Well!" Ma tie, luneng bowed and agreed to leave.Zhaoyun look out of the camp, unarmed yu ban, a smile, the hands of the silver gun down a little pressure, signal temporarily remove the alert, turn over and dismount, stride forward, came to the forbidden body."Now the phoenix chicks have come out to help the Lord, and liu bei has been given wolong. Is it not that liu bei wants to compete with our army for the world? But I wonder where Mr. Waterglass has placed cao cao?" Chen gong smell speech, can't help laughed shook his head, this is somewhat flattering for two people, pang tong while good, a few years to get along with down, Chen gong also admitted that he is inferior to pang tong, but don't say, said lu bu, giffin good, falling in teaching have to work, changan can have today's busy, falling in the western business grant, cao cao abdomen with military strategy, not how much worse pang tong, with only a zhuge kongming, just want to talk to lu bu cooperatedwith, under the adviser, is absurd.搜好服




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