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宝贝鱼站长淮北市职业技术学校Lyu3 bu4 frown way: "That Zhang Gu is not like a tough man, if I die, how can he escape?""Children, take up your weapons and show them that our hussars camp is not only well equipped, it is no less capable!" Male broad sea roared, cooked copper stick a swing, a captain just rushed up by male broad sea a stick swung up, smashed down a person, backhand pulled out waist axe, a wave of the left hand, a head rolled off.

"This... subordinates also don't know, but on the way to see a lot of killed knights, should be begging for fu tribe talent, don't know who was shot."\ "A man who does not do what he wants!\" Lombardi flew into a rage, Throw a document to xu togeher's face, "Look at this," snapped his voice. "This is the good deed of your good nephew. He has been judged and beheaded, and your in-laws have been guilty of favoritism. I read you for a long time, but now you have repeatedly urged me to attack Cao Cao. I know you and Cao Cao are old, and I have secretly taken advantage of Cao Cao. ? Inside for him, want to harm me! ? "The last word fell, lyu3 bu4 palm suddenly force, furious force on wang yong's head, in a county soldiers panic, wang yong's head suddenly disappeared, the whole accent is up a piece, was lyu3 bu4 a slap directly into the head into the accent.宝贝鱼站长"The Temuzhen warrior speaks loudly." Kui shook his head, his eyes flashing with sorrow: "Step to the root of the matter, you must have known."

宝贝鱼站长Temuzhen, is lyu3 bu4 to get an alias for himself, in order to avoid being recognized, lyu3 bu4 will party day painting ji and red rabbit and eagle, are left in the United States millet, only with the fixed sky bow out.Cao Cao twisted his head and looked at the freeze. He naturally knew where the hay was coming from. Freeze looked at Cao Cao unhesitatingly. "He who makes a big deal of it should make himself at home!" He said."Take the magistrate as an example. He is in charge of the people's livelihood. Many people used to talk about corrupt officials, but they always took the magistrate as their standard. Why?". Lyu3 bu4 spread out: "Not that the above people are not greedy, but because they are closest to the people, the court in the eyes of the people what image, is basically determined by the magistrate."

"Hey?" Xu togeher stared at xu chu, disdaining to say: "who are you, I talk to a deception, when is your turn to interrupt?"Of course, these things, now is only a hope in the heart of the huns, the huns tribe just established now is too weak, must rely on xianbei king's court, can continue to thrive.Not to beg fu goyang too much frightened angry time, after the array of riots quickly spread to the whole army, these after a day of "fighting", already tired, and had to march overnight beg fu fighters in lyu3 bu4 raid, finally not easy to stop riding array has not had time to regroup, in lyu3 bu4 raid again fell into chaos.宝贝鱼站长




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