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yin荡老师系列合集|十八仙黄药膏"Miss lv, even if you try to sabotage your father's plans, don't take these girls along with you." A broken voice like the voice of the gong came in, listen to the people frown."No!"Order hamul-er to be the pioneer and attack directly first!" Liu bao is also quite determined, this time, is the time difference, as long as their first step to break the first zero, lu bu management of the siege of the potential will be broken, huns can also shrink the defense, easy to deal with, and the first zero six thousand string control people, join lu bu, the momentum and force of lu bu must be strong.

"No, Lord, when he comes back, he will take care of it. Chen gong shook his head with a smile, but there was no trouble. He followed lu buduo, but he was clear about the big lady's temper. Although some nonsense, his disposition was not bad, and he also knew the military law."The Lord has given birth... No... I mean the lady gave birth?" Han wenyan's face flashed a light of happiness. He looked at the family member and said, "you wait, I will arrange some people to help you.""White horse righteousness from? Looking at the figure of the man, lu lingqi eyes flashed a wipe of admiration, looking back around the way: "it seems that the horse is his, since the master is such a hero, I can not let people laugh at the night owl camp, take him to go together.yin荡老师系列合集|For women, lyu3 bu4 preexistence is not too important, because when the identity and status to a certain height, all men are mortal, there is no essential difference, he can screw, missed the age when you can fall in love, when the fame, love is no longer attractive, at that moment, he felt, emptiness.

yin荡老师系列合集|Lu bu grew up in the state of the first half of his life is almost stepping on the bodies of xiongnu, xianbei people came over, for xiongnu language is not strange.Wolf qiang king sneer at a way: "with what? We have agreed to divide the war equally among us, and we have lost a great deal of money in this attack on the yuezhi, and you are hiding behind us, and now you are going to share more?""You see your master's plan worked out?" Zhang liao looked at li ru with great interest and asked with a smile.

'no! Lyu3 bu4 shook head, this matter did not discuss."Of course." Guo jia nodded in agreement, perhaps.Chapter 4 thoughtsyin荡老师系列合集|




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