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萱萱 好声音|长江油开户"The general is at ease." Zhaoyun solemnly nodded: "our army rules are strict, do not kill the general, do not harm the people, do not kill the troops, but also hope that the general can help me appease the troops, these soldiers, I am afraid to send to the various places to camp, and select the best and record.What is the people power? Not just labor and creativity, a lot of times, creativity is in the hands of the people, lyu3 bu4 &industry set up each year to private life a period of time, and then come back to study, continuously through the way to improve the livelihood of the people, to stimulate the creativity and productivity of the people, is that, with the concept of hierarchies, ladies also lyu3 bu4 and principal contradiction between family."JingXiang liu table was seriously ill, back to the master, before 7th, CAI want to control the secretariat office, was liu table guards army veteran huang zhong rate, save table, liu CAI soldiers surrounded secretariat office, then three days ago, the firstborn of huang zhong with liu table microbloggers in nanyang, and the secretariat be affixed to the liu bei, xiangyang liu table died of news at the same time, liu bei assemble jiangxia, nanyang military forces, and contact changsha Liu Pan, jointly opposed, announcing to jingzhou to seeks the inverse of sin, conquest, CAI."

But this kind of person, give lyu3 bu4 lyu3 bu4 all dare not to use, because where appropriate, in which are somewhat wasted, the best position, is to give lyu3 bu4 position free to him, this is lu bu yourself don't have that liu bei drive completely to believe a person, now lyu3 bu4, chan falling in to palace, is responsible for the interior, giffin check for lyu3 bu4 20, foreign, is pang, cao cao is given priority to, do their job, have their own specialization.Since all the time, everybody knows lv bu hand, have a very fierce army, protecting lv bu and lv bu family's safety all the time, just did not think of, these people distance oneself can be so close, for a time, cannot help but give a cold sweat.Yang fu looked at a face of surprise two people said: "just this game, although it seems to play, but also the law of war, favored by soldiers, then gradually spread to the army, not to mention ordinary soldiers, generals have no matter also love to organize people to play a few, slowly have today's scale.萱萱 好声音|"But Lord lu and his family... "Lv meng does not understand way, lu xun and gu shao have returned, now is lobbying each big family to persuade boycott lv bu.

萱萱 好声音|Naval battle or war with different marines, and no man will be more useful, strong reliance on ships, paekche navy are basically some fishing boat turned up, the real ship is not much, but before this, no concept of naval warfare paekche countries, let alone the relevant military personnel, and this itself is a war generals, spent a year in order to be clear about the naval doorways, paekche countries without war of talent, only the generals sent to marines, the result of natural, gan ning was introduced from the other shore, and then with the help of the waves, thirty thousand behaves completely silent, from then on, Paikche was beaten down.Kuai yue picked up the tea bowl, light sip, look at a face rain or shine uncertain zhang yun, puzzled asked: "brother wencheng, there are other things?""Hey ~" zhang yun in kuai yue side sit down, shook his head: "to tell the truth, if not lv bu to family persecution too much, I would rather go to vote lv bu.

"Wouldn't all that be wasted?" Wei yan said with a black face."Well!" They quickly got up, accompanied cao cao, toward the direction of the palace hurried.< / p > < p > after the two sides met, did not immediately as expected general war, regardless of zhang liao or xia houyuan, know their opponent is not easy to deal with, the performance of each other is very cautious, xia houyuan until the establishment of the camp, did not see zhang liao to attack, some disappointment, layout after the defense, into the camp.萱萱 好声音|




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