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rosemary花语欧泉琳美白祛斑"All right!" Lombardi stuffy hum 1, cold-eyed looked falling in grant one eye way: "Falling in life grant for bing don't drive, presided over bing occupy, hum, a class of ordinary people, but don't want to also can achieve such a feat! Really god has no eye!"Yinshan, Wang Ting, five tribal alliance, from Kirby can leave three people is the third day in the evening, according to Kirby can leave before the plan, Wang Ting can play, if not play, also don't have to consume troops, after he defeated Temuzhen Jones, Wang Ting natural morale turbulence, then, is the best time to break the King Ting."Very simple, if a person, with thousands of hectares of fertile land, suddenly, want you to abandon nine thousand pour, but you are still rich and dignified person, you will agree?" Pang Tong laughs: "This is the most fundamental reason, and, Zilong has found that under the rule of lyu3 bu4, the status of craftsmen is rising, even businessmen can now get some respect."

"Monsieur, do you want to fight Wang Ting?" D and others on the face of the look of excitement."Every day a county magistrate has to resolve disputes among the people and show concern for the people's livelihood. To the people, they are heaven!" Lyu3 bu4 looked at Jiang Xu puzzled look: "But the county magistrate's salary is how much? More than forty stone."Five years after the founding of the People's Republic of China, For the Central Plains, It's definitely not a good year, Cao Cao and Yuan Shao were in Guandu, Confronted for nearly half a year, from the time the snow has not yet melted, both sides in the guandu area, the fight for the start of a desperate struggle, all kinds of means, heap earth put arrows, dig tunnels, the battlefield can be used to the east method, or even forced to improve the catapult, out of a thunderbolt car.rosemary花语After a cup of tea kung fu, jinyang barracks, should have gone to lu bu Zhang Gu food but appeared in wang yong's barracks, wang yong looked at Zhang Gu way: "how?"

rosemary花语"What's going on? Why are there these damn rat holes here?" Qifu goyang side commanded the foot soldiers to stop rushing forward, Hold the formation, looking around anxiously, large numbers of soldiers rushed unprepared into pre-dug pits, unlike the small area outside the Huns, Even if you charge, It's just a few hundred people rushing in, This kind of wandering in the wilderness, The entire formation is fully deployed, and at once thousands of people were carried into the pit, For this scene, while Kifu Goyang and his people were banging women in the Huns' tribe, Lyu3 bu4 but after coming out from the begging fu tribe, most of the time is used to dig a pit, also let begging fu goyang led cavalry, so all of a sudden, enough to have two thousand people or fall off the horse was trampled to death, or before and after crowded, involuntarily squeezed into the dense horse array.Chen Xing looked at the back road was broken, the wall on both sides is arrows such as rain, there is no retreat, under a moment of oversight, unexpectedly will be trapped in the Jedi, see coss in the army killing like mowing grass, eyes canthus to crack, a pike, rapped out: "dog thief, can dare to fight with me!""Ha ha, sure enough, but Ziyuan, not to hide, the army only half a year of grain.

"Yes, I do!" Xu chu touched the forehead, looked at the shoes on the ground, picked up a pair of shoes to follow cao cao chased out."Monseigneur, it is one of us!" A begging volley fighter recognized the bearer, a change of face, hurriedly came forward to help each other down from the horse.But the victory of guandu war, lyu3 bu4 prairie victory news, make lombardi, cao cao, lyu3 bu4 before the existence of a weak balance was broken, was originally cao and lombardi together against lombardi, but with the defeat of lombardi, cao cao momentum, this short-lived alliance is automatically lifted.rosemary花语





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