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浦罗苹果社区|辽机集团See right against the face come a jun alert, shield and grabbed the shield, with the strength of a pull back, can't shield hand hard, roared pulled out of the walls, and the two of them fell off the wall, while followed by jun, was two spear pierced the body directly, but not when they recover the spear, a jun blunt come up, a hand holding a spear, borrows the tiger roar came down, in the hands of a machete directly cut off the other side of the head, the eyebrows were a crossbow arrow was shot through."Respect is in the heart, not in the mouth. I have great respect for his position, but for his intelligence... "Lyu3 bu4 shook head, conveniently will the secret letter and the ribbon throw in table table intelligence quotient, didn't pay attention to fu DE again, twist a head to see toward the nightwing way:" central plains recently have what new news? Has there been any news from the nightingale?"Jiangdong, chai sang.

"Don't fool me. You always cheat!" Zhang fei groaned.In the distance, a large number of troops and horses of liu bei were already in sight. Wei yue took a thousand-li mirror to look at the city. He saw the huge and mighty troops pushing crossbows and ladders and all kinds of siege equipment moving in the distance.Time unconsciously entered in the governors in the summer, compared with the melee of huanghe river, jiangdong this year is very peaceful, or sun quan zhou yu and failed to join the crusade lyu3 bu4 alliance of the battlefield, Jiang Dongben is sparsely populated, and there are a lot of forces in the repression of climbing, to the transfer of foreign strength is limited, and the other reason is the route of the north cannot hash with liu bei.浦罗苹果社区|Want to break bureau, break these old family to shu zhong monopolize, expect liu zhang to be able to see clear reality besides, use all sorts of means to fight with old family like liu yan kind step by step besides, can seek foreign aid only.

浦罗苹果社区|"Huh?" Lyu3 bu4 turn head, the vision that does not have any fluctuation falls on nighthawk body: "when can nighthawk ask political affairs?"Cao cao assembled qingzhou, xuzhou, yanzhou, yuzhou a total of 300,000 troops, the million soldiers sent to transport grain to threaten the tiger prison.After soothing the crowd and ordering them to be put in custody, zhang rencai looked at liu and deng xian with a serious face and said in a quiet voice, "you have received a letter recently explaining this

Then cao cao placed wang Yin in a special tent and asked the princes to choose 200 soldiers to guard the song mountain."Commander." The party was escorted to zhou yu's side and ordered back to him.After shield car, crossbows were carried out, by three hundred bed behind shield car change forward, it is a long arrow falls, many JianCu nailed on the shield car directly, the shield also has a flap over the car, to protect the soldiers, sharp JianCu wasn't able to break through the defense shield car, array just to rally after jun before issued a burst of cheers.浦罗苹果社区|




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