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科龙企业cms|云南白糖网Late at night, huai li a line d and seibel war is still in full swing, a team of about two thousand people quietly appeared outside Mei county."Oh?" Seibel looked at jun not far away back water array, across the distance, he saw a dignified middle-aged scribe in the crowd is extremely eye-catching, although don't know who, but see jun will protect it in the middle, want to identity unusual, sneer at, waved: "attack!""No, not enough." Giffin smiled and said, "Tomorrow is the day of the annual sacrifice of Baishui Qiang. In this sacrifice, the most beautiful woman of the Qiang people will be chosen, and then the Qiang warriors will fight for it. As long as they can win the final victory, they will get the most beautiful woman of the Qiang people. Xu hopes that the master will bring back the beauty."

Pound frowned, Although Korea hence troops have been expected, Just didn't expect Korea hence unexpectedly put in so many troops at one time, according to the scouts snoop back to the news, this time, Korea hence fully mobilized hundreds of military forces, and there is a huns troops near the pastoral slope, for the first time alone the army of pound, this is undoubtedly a difficult test."Chief!" A huns warrior rushed in from the outside, not very good-looking."At the end of the day he will lead his life."科龙企业cms|"Set fire!" ChengTou, a cold voice did not reach the gate, but the next moment, with hundreds of torches thrown from ChengTou, followed by the flames of the sky with countless screams, the fiery battlefield instantly turned into a piece of purgatory, followed by ChengTou, there are countless figures, a ladder in the screaming of the west cool army was pushed down the wall.

科龙企业cms|"Wen He feels that if Han Sui and Marten fight, who wins and who loses?" Ride on horseback, lyu3 bu4 side head looked at giffin, asked with a smile.Chapter 27 appease?"At the end of the day!"

"Not yet, thank you. There 's one thing I need you to do!" Lyu3 bu4 with the wave, looked at wei."In addition to me, who can thousands of miles to war, to break the huns?" Lyu3 bu4 stuffy hum a track.At this very moment, A gong suddenly rang on both sides of Huaili, Followed by, from both sides of the locust tree, two men suddenly toward the fleeing back to the men, the first member of the general wearing a heavy armor, in the course of the charge, the sword in his hand viciously emptied, behind him, a group of soldiers unexpectedly while running bow archery, and is a wave of arrows rain to empty, countless just running soldiers fell to the ground.科龙企业cms|




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