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北方影院喋血情路|立正消痛贴"Lead the way." Lyu3 bu4 waved, let zhou cang and others withdraw to alert, if the other side really want to turn, also don't send so many people."Brother Yang, take it easy." Giffin smiled and waved. "Brother Yang doesn't have to be paranoid," he said. "My master came here to show his sincerity. He only brought a team of Qinwei, less than a hundred people.""I am not alone in this matter, and I need the consent of the others." Yang Wang hesitated for a moment. He looked at Lu Bu and said, "Please let the general stay here for a few days."

"Is the tetrarch QinWei personally sent." Marotta smiled.Lyu3 bu4 on horseback, slowly raised the hand of the party day painting ji, contemptuously pointing to all the huns, although not speaking, but the disdain for the eyes and actions, thoroughly aroused the huns bone fierce, almost at the same time, eight huns general roared with their weapons to lyu3 bu4.D is a good general, At least the performance of these days in seibel, to be more stable than at the beginning of the attack in the locust, but after all too young, prestige, marten a death, marten controlled by the territory of chaos, Korea hence take advantage of the city, at the same time gathered forces will d to hanyang, stability, make d have no extra time to summon qiang people.北方影院喋血情路|"No, the horses keep them riding." Lyu3 bu4 sneer at 1, he also pointed to these horses?

北方影院喋血情路|Lombardi although some gentle, but not stupid, see two people rubbing their hands, which also don't know two people's mind, this really sent two people, even lyu3 bu4 don't want to fight can play, the moment hurriedly looked at xu togeher, motioned him to come to the rescue."Since d defeat back to the west cool, between the two sides will have dirty, candidate died, Korea hence want to ask back candidate department military forces, just d angry candidate at the time of negative combat, and also lost a lot of their own, refuse to deliver, plus d in qiang people, quite prestigious, candidate department also all sincerely attached, don't want to return to Korea hence.""General ma forgive me, in the next identity is more sensitive, temporarily not convenient to reveal, see master later in the day, its own know, now or help the general to reverse the decline is important." Mr Li stood up and said quietly.

"Have you ev heard from that Lord?" Handsome, seibel brows deep lock, asked the intelligence officer."Master rest assured, at the end of the general division complete the whole back." Xiongkuo sea loudly led the way.北方影院喋血情路|





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